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Give your tour a thrill ride at Union Cemetery, Ghost Adventures and abandoned Fairfield Hills State Hospital

Haunted Connecticut

Nov 29, 2012

Planning a party bus, bus charter or group vacation trip to Connecticut but have no idea what to do or where to visit? Well, the best way to travel to Connecticut, is undoubtedly by bus or limo with Bus Charter Connecticut. But what to see? If you’re up to it, there’s a different side to nutmeg state that not many people know of.

Visit Union Cemetery, Easton, the home of the infamous White Lady, where a particular 400-year-old grave yard has been popular with ghost hunters for decades. It’s said to be one of the best-known haunted sites in the state for anyone from anyone from out of town in a rented tour bus, and a place to which everyone who claims to be interested in paranormal activity eventually makes a pilgrimage.

From most popular to highest ranked, many people refer to Union Cemetery and Dudleytown as holding positions 1 and 1A. Once declared “the most haunted place in Connecticut”, Dudleytown has also been called “cursed,” “damned” and “demonically possessed” and countless stories abound of weird sightings and odd experiences in and around the remaining foundations of the former settlement.

Due to the constant repeats of Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” investigation, Remington Arms, in Bridgeport has become one of the most popular haunted sites in the state due to its history as former munitions factory in the heart of Bridgeport, which has seen its share of tragedy and death. If you are afraid to experience this alone, we suggest grouping up and then come check this place out in a party bus, charter bus, coach charter bus, mini bus or a shuttle bus with your bestfriends and family who are in game for some thrill.

This former abandoned insane asylum, Fairfield Hills State Hospital, Newtown was closed by the state in 1995. Tales of cruelty and abuse combined with stories of odd happenings in the network of underground tunnels here as well as a post on MTV’s “Fear” have also not helped.

Another abandoned former mental convalescence home, Seaside Sanatorium, Waterford whose high patient abuse and high suicide. Stranger still, the governor swooped in at the last moment, for reasons yet unknown to block a sale to a private developer that had been years in the making.

The third sister of the state hospital facility is Norwich State Hospital, Preston, closed down by the state a few decades ago, allowed to rot and fester, resulting in eventual hauntings being reported. It currently stands as a beacon for spirits and spirit hunters.

And if you are still game for more, try bringing the rented bus charter to the former 18th-century settlement Bara-Hack, Pomfret, all sorts of odd sounds, disembodied voices and laughter as well as supernatural sights have been reported.

Check these places out for yourself by booking your trip to Connecticut with Bus Charter Connecticut. Choose from either a party bus or shuttle bus of the size you want for your transport needs but one thing’s for sure. You’ll want a steady set of hands driving you home.

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